Certified Nursing Assistant

Examination Preparation Course

Package #2 - $299.99   / 40 Hour

We wrote the book on CNA Clinical Skills.
Includes BONUS:  
+Med Tech

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - A Licensed / Certified Nursing Assistant's (CNA) is the beginning point for your career in Healthcare. CNA's assist patients and perform 'Activities of Daily Living". CNA's work in: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospice, Home Care, Private Duty, Doctors Office and all types of Hospitals as a CNA / PCT.

Most Employers require a minimum
of 40 Hour CNA Course
Package 2 and 3 INCLUDES: The Mandatory 40 Hour CNA Course (Everything Below) - What you must do to get a job.  Includes the documentation for the Nursing Foundation Subjects to GET A JOB!   BONUS INCLUDED: +Med Tech  (Packages 2 &3 Only) After you pass test.


Class Outline.....


Pinellas Park Blvd Center RESERVE YOUR SEAT

 The State of Florida CNA Test is BOTH a Demonstration of Clinical Skills and Written Test. Test is given ONLY by the Florida Board of Nursing. We will provide all this information on 1st class day. 

Part 1 - Attend the 1 Wk (3 Days) Hands-On Clinical Skills Course (May be repeated for FREE if more hands on practice needed)
Part 2 - Video Clinical Skills and Written Test Review Online Open 24/7
Part 3 - Pkg 2 & 3 - Watch the 5 hour Theories and Ethics Class Online
Part 4 - Return to the 3 Days CNA Clinical Skills Class 1 to 2 weeks before your test.         Pkg 2 & 3 - Watch the Hospice and Home Care Class Online
Part 5 - Pkg 3 PCT - Attend PCT - 1 Day Adv Hospital Clinical Workshop
Part 6 - Pkg 3 PCT -  24 Hrs of CEUS - Advanced Hospital Topics Online. 

BONUS INCLUDED: +Med Tech  (Packages 2 &3 Only) After you pass test.
--- Register for State of Florida Test as soon as you have $155
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CNA Exam Prep 40 Hrs Course
* CNA Training Manual
* CNA Clinical Skills Class (Repeat for Free)
* CNA Online Clinical Skills Review
* CNA Home Health Care (HHC)
* CNA Training Supplies
* CNA Med Tech CEU Course Online
* CNA Foundations / 20 Core Subjects
* CNA Extra Practice Prior to Test

 Only - $299.99


To get a job in Hospitals you must FIRST start with CNA
 State of Florida - Licensed/ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Skill 1 -  Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Enter Room Procedure
Skill 3 - Exit Room Procedure
Skill 4 - Change Position in Bed 
Skill 5 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 6 - Denture & Oral Care
Skill 7 - Transfer To Wheelchair
Skill 8 - Bed Making
Skill 9 - Upper Range of Motion
Skill 10 - Lower Range of Motion
Skill 11 - Bed Pan Placement

Opening & Closing Procedures
Bed Move in 3 Sections
Place a Bed Matt On Bed
Bed Bath Blanket
Bed Pan On the Patient
Roll Patient From Side to Side
Clean Equipment & Room
How to make a mitt

Written Test: - 50 Vocabulary words   3 Sample Test & Audio Files

Skill 12 - Upper Bed Bath
Skill 13 - Measure Urine
Skill 14 - Cather Cleaning
Skill 15 - Perinea Care
Skill 16 - Hair and Nails
Skill 17 - Feeding
Skill 18 - Pulse & respiration
Skill 19 - Blood Pressure
Skill 20 - Height & Weight
Skill 21 - Foot Care
Skill 22 - Ambulation

CNA Fundamentals - Basic Patient Care Included
Elderly Abuse
Dementia / Alzheimer’s Disease
Personal Protective Equip
Ethics, HIPAA,
Infection Control  Communication
Blood Spills - Included
HIV-AIDS What is it?
Postmortem Care
Body Mechanics
Blood Borne Pathogen

BIG BONUS #1 - INCLUDED Home Health Basics for Licensed CNA's BONUS
Home Health Care Basics
1. HHA Feeding & Assisted
2. HHA Basics for CNA's
3. HHA Daily Care Plan
4. HHA Shaving a Male
5. HHA CNA's Bathroom Care
6. HHA for CNA's Nutrition
7. HHA for CNA's House Safety
8. HHA for CNA's Market
10. HHA Laundry
10. Hospice Care Basics

Indirect Care Skills Included:
Infection Control

Bed Safety

Infection Control
Legal and Ethical Issues
Observation Skills 1,2,3
Workplace Hazards Documentation

Clinical Vital Signs
Cultural Diversity
Disease Considerations
Workplace Hazards Documentation
Eating, Nutrition, and Hydration
Emergency Training Skills









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 To work in a local hospital with no experience, you need to come to the employee interview with the additional ADVANCED CNA CAREER SKILLS in addition to your CNA License to be considered for those positions.  No need to pay THOUSANDS for this Class... 


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